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06 Jun Behind the Scenes: Ribbon Cutting & Open House

Behind the Scenes: Ribbon Cutting & Open House


Many of you attended our Ribbon Cutting and Open House Ceremony on May 19th, but what you didn’t see was all the hard work that went into the event by our event planner Telesha.

We did an interview with Telesha to hear about the planning process:

When did you start planning for the event?

“I started planning for the event back in January when we joined the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce.”

What was the hardest part planning for an event this size?

“The hardest part was making sure all of the details were in order. We had 2 events that were somewhat disjointed: The Ribbon Cutting and Open House, I needed to find a way to blend them together into one seamless event. Figuring out the process and the flow for the event was definitely a challenge in the beginning stages of planning.”

What was the best part about planning the event?

“When the event finally started the best part was taking a step back and watching everyone enjoy themselves. Seeing them smile and interact with each other was the best part of the event and made it all worth it. We had a great turnout and everyone had a great time.”

Advice for others planning a similar event?

“Take lots of notes, write down every thought, try to visualize the event as if it’s happening, and write down any detail you can think of. ”

Any resources you would recommend?

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. That site gave me inspiration for so many elements at the Open House. Including the Candy Bar

Setting up was a month-long process: