Top Reasons to Choose Quantum Data Center

14 Dec Top Reasons to Choose Quantum Data Center

Business security is hard to manage and can be a daunting task for even the most experienced IT guy.

Having Quantum Data Center manage your servers and infrastructure can eliminate the guesswork with a proven strategy and easy to understand migration plan. 

Top Reasons to use Quantum Data Center (QDC):

Ways to use QDC: Website hosting, Email hosting, Colocation (house your servers or rent server space to store your data), Backups, Internet and more! 

Reliability: Access your data at QDC 24/7/365. Our Data Center is equipped with redundant power, redundant cooling, and redundant internet to ensure your data is always accessible in any situation.  Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is 99.999% uptime, or less than 6 minutes of downtime per year.

Performance: File and Storage Servers are very expensive to purchase and maintain. QDC offers State-of-the-Art in server and data center networking so you can achieve the highest quality performance without the hassle.

Reduced Cost: QDC is a low cost solution to getting access to high-end servers and services. If you built our system in-house you would devote much of your company’s total budget to keeping it operational. Instead, colocate with QDC. Exceptional data center equipment for a fraction of the cost!

Scalability: Colocation at QDC allows us to scale with you. As you grow and require more space we have the flexibility to expand your environment, allowing you to only pay for the space and power you need when you need it.

Risk Management: Emergencies happen no matter how hard you plan. So when a mission-critical environment is operating at QDC you’ll avoid an adverse impact on your business. Think of QDC as a library housing all of your important reference books and files that you would never want to lose. We store your backups to give you peace of mind in any situation. 

Security: QDC takes security seriously. Responsible for housing your private company information and data, our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance monitoring to protect your data and give your peace-of-mind. We also have controls in place to meet the needs for your audits with HIPAA and SSAE.

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