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Quantum Data Center – Auburn Hills Location

Trying to find the perfect place to store your data in Auburn Hills, Michigan? You’ve come to the right place. Our Auburn Hills colocation facility is a secure state-of-the-art facility that will meet all your business needs and help you focus on your business. Some key features include: 24/7/365 cooling, power, security, and network connectivity using the most prestigious brands in our field. Regardless of the size of your company and how much space you’ll need: from one rack to custom configuration, our team will work with you throughout the process to come up with the best solution for your data storage needs. Our services and expertise are what drive the Quantum Advantage, and they’ll help propel your business forward.

Site Specifications

  • Conveniently located near M-59 and I-75
  • Secure Colocation Facility
  • Juniper MX960 Universal Edge Router



Remote Hands

PTP Circuits

Carrier Cross-Connections

I.T. Services

Disaster Recovery Space

Virtual Private Network

Remote Replication

Bulk Data Storage

Design Services

Our Facility - Network


We have chosen to partner with some of the most reliable carriers in the world. We strive to maintain and provide a high quality mixture of bandwidth with direct Tier 1’s. Our location is located off of a high fiber count route allowing for diverse access to networks. We realize that a data center is only as good as the network you are on. Bandwidth is received through fiber optic and licensed private wireless links to ensure uptime in case of fiber damage. We are working with the best so we can provide the best. We have spared no expense.


Power is incredibly important for our clients and we have taken that to heart. We are proud to have Eaton power products present in our facility to provide building wide power conditioning. All power is run through a fully redundant UPS to provide optimal conditions. Diesel generator power is onsite with a priority fuel contract to ensure a supply of power even in a disaster. We will fight to keep the power on even in the worst conditions.

Our Facility - Power
Our Facility - Cooling


A data center that can’t control its environment will prevent you from maximizing performance. We recognize this and have built a data center to ensure you get everything possible out of your equipment. Our facility is designed around hot aisle containment with close coupled cooling. To ensure that the environment stays at ideal conditions humidity is appropriately controlled and generated as needed. We chose to work with a premier cooling solution provider to design and implement our solution to meet our very high standards. Send the equipment our way, we will keep it cool and at its very best.


Security of computer systems is absolutely paramount. We have chosen a facility location that is physically secure as well as near emergency services. Our facility has multiple layers of access controls to ensure that only authorized access is granted. All access into the building is logged and traceable. No matter the time of day, you will have escorted access when you are onsite. We promise to ensure security to our environment at all times.

Our Facility - Security

We’re built for performance, so you can focus on your business.

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